Cat Foods

There are many varieties and breeds of cats, each with their own dietary likes and requirements. This is why The Pet Store offers just about every kind of cat food available for your feline friends. We have wet cat foods, complete cat foods, specialist foods for help with a variety of complaints and requirements.

Cats can often be known as quite fussy eaters too, only eating a particular flavour or brand for so long before turning their nose up at it. Once again, The Pet Store has just about every flavour of cat food available. Your little kitty will be spoilt for choice.


  • Arden Grange Cat – Chicken 2kg
    (Also available in 4kg bags)
  • Arden Grange Cat – Salmon 2kg
    (Also available in 4kg bags)
  • Nutram Ideal Solution Support – Chicken with Pearl Barley and Split Pea 1.8kg
  • Nutram Sound Balanced Wellness – Chicken Meal and Salmon Meal 1.8kg
    (Also available in 6.8kg size)
  • Burgess Adult Complete – Salmon 1.5kg
  • Burgess Adult Complete – Chicken 1.5kg
  • Burgess Wellbeing Slender Weight Control – Chicken
  • Burgess Wellbeing Sensitive Gentle Digestion – Chicken
  • Burgess Wellbeing Skin and Coat / Coat Shine and Hairball Controll – Chicken
  • Arden Grange Partners Wet Food – Chicken, Turkey and Lamb (100g Tray)
  • Arden Grange Partners Wet Food – Salmon, Mackerel and Prawns (100g Tray)
  • Arden Grange Partners Wet Food – Turkey, Duck and Heart (100g Tray)

All prices correct at time of publishing.

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